Pacific West Indonesia

Fish Cocktail Geprek Bowl

Tempura Fish Cocktail


  • 4 pcs of Tempura Fish Cocktail
  • 220 gr of cooked White Rice
  • 2 Tbs of Sambal Geprek or your favourite Red Chili Sambal
  • 2 pc of Salad Leaf
  • 10 pcs of Fish Krupuk


  1. Fry the Tempura Fish Cocktail as per packaging recommendation, then place on absorbing paper to remove excess oil.
  2. Place the rice in a bow, use salad leaf for decoration and place the Krupuk.
  3. In a plate, place the cooked fish cocktail and with a large Spoon, smash the Fish Cocktail pieces until opened and flat. Cover the fish with your sambal and place on the rice.

Tempura Fish Cocktails

Bite-sized cuts of premium quality fillets are coated in our signature tempura batter. They can be enjoyed as finger food for parties or as a snack food when you feel just like having them.