Pacific West Indonesia

We Deliver, For Your Satisfaction

The Pacific West story began in Australia in 1995, when our company began producing high end quality seafood products. Today, Pacific West spans across 20 countries, bringing the finest and freshest seafood products to satisfied customers around the world.

With our unique heritage and focus on innovation, we constantly seek fresh new ways to enhance our diverse range of quality products. Pacific West is a highly recognised premium brand with a strong presence in the food service, retail brand and private label supply sectors.

Thanks to strong international partnerships, we are able to bring you the finest varieties of seafood from around the world. We integrate the many facets of our business to ensure consistent delivery of premium products to our customers, from ocean to plate.

We Innovate,

To Keep You Delighted

Our versatile seafood range is well accepted by chefs around the world. Led by our international Corporate Chef and team of highly skilled culinary and food technologists, we continuously engage and listen to our customers, inspiring to bring creative new ideas to market.

From classic seafood favorites to new products developed to reflect changing consumer tastes – our wide range of products offers versatility and efficiency to commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Pacific West’s products are designed to be cooked directly from frozen. And thanks to our extensive collaboration with chefs, our products leave plenty of room for your unique creative signature

Built To Better Serve You

We have a long-standing partnership with Golden Fresh, our production facility in Malaysia. Equipped with state-of-the-art cold chains, storage and production technology, we have the ability and flexibility to quickly respond to shifting consumer demands, meeting quality standards to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We Care,

For The Future

Every Pacific West Sustainable Harvest product reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and safeguarding the health and sustainability of our oceans.

We source our seafood responsibly, and are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) – a globally recognized, rigorous sustainable certification for wild-capture fisheries.

Indeed, Pacific West is proud to be the first in South East Asia to introduce value-added seafood products that meet MSC standards.

We Shine Because Of You

Our performance is a testament of our commitment.